why would you cover
that with laughter and
a joke, embarrassed 
by the moment of
insight. her dimples
crinkled: "well i can't
help you there" so why 
wake up and waste time
on your words - is that
...good enough for you?

(i too pass from the
night; i stay a while 
away, oh night, but
i'm not sure i will 
ever return with
the same trust to you)

you know, it did all 
start innocently 
enough.  sad and drunk,
she asked how i was, 
and then it happened:  
"i really feel like 
shit tonight.  i mean, 

(i bequeath myself 
to the dirt...if you
want me again look 
for me under your 
beautiful boot soles)
so take that sip be
careful not to spill
(it's a big glass) and 
flick that cigarette
across thousands of
houses into her
backyard and watch the
smoke drift   all   night   long