dream prettily, the forces behind what was never to come again anymore anyhow
who does it all go to to just to find out everything you never wanted to know, those things that
you need to know so badly that it just sits there for ever and never ever ever comes out again anymore anyhow
repeat the blindness close the blinds i hate this world because it is so fucking good why
repeat the beat in my head goes on drives moves the sounds live me i live in sounds
dream in to the night tyme twighlight dwindles it is really night now, buddy
dream never ever i can not will not who knows but it never comes again anymore anyhow
empty worlds speak to me and i tell i can tell what you feel i hurt through you
leave me alone because i can not deal feel cry die lie lie lie yeah
how clever are you, dream boy because i think you are not
you liar lie don't lie to me, sack of shit, i will hurt you more look at
your arms i'll do it again i swear fuck you
dream repeat the nothing the silence golden rusting gold like copper like shit
the vibration of a string eluding the perfection in the sound where are you
but you take me away to that place i love you but i love you so i hate me
too much good is too much for me i am slowly slipping i can't stop
the sharp edges of the vibrations reach me even here, the chords vibrate that perfection
you are perfection someone pray for me to not fuck it up because i can't
nothing with out you nothing i am nothing at all piece of shit is something i guess
i am cold why don't you see that?