turn. and look. see a little girl.
a crying little girl. crying. alone:
abandoned. follow through. drunk and
light a cigarette. turn. and turn.
history. or, future. uselessness.
homeless and forgetful. or. turn.

turn. a book. or, a word. useless.
again. again, turn. see you. or,
me. and who. you and who. i don't.
know, what. nothing. history. turn.
and back. line, underline. see. truth.
or, unnatural. like. turn. a bottle.
a bottle and me. story. or, lifestyle.

once. me. or, you. rather. me. ripped.
page. book. or, body. and, mind. it's.
turn. bring forth. speak. or, write. 
pour. cry. and, turn. always. turn.
you. or, me. turn. and, turn. or, turn.