falling gently like rain
splattering like spilt blood
pile up like the nothing they are
add up to a great whole nothing
wasted water, thats what they are
tears, how come they end up meaning so much?
tears, why do they swell up and over flow your eyes?
tears, what did i do to make you come?
and once you have emptied, what did you accomplish?
nothing, probly, like usual
tears never come in my eyes
tears never brim up on my eyelids, only to
come falling down my cheek, making my
eyelashes wet and my eyes red
they say you feel better after they fall
after they soil the ground, the floor, your face
how come i don't get to feel better?
why am i locked in this trance of nothingness?
falling, clear testiment to your pain
flowing down your face, soft cheeks glimmering
in the lamplight
i, the strong calm center of cold empty dry