i'm sorry

i'm sorry.  there i 
   said the thing that was trailing
 all over my mind these years 
i said it if you let me i
   would say it to your face that i
am more sorry than i think you realize and
  i think 
 and when i do i see pain and sorrow and the
words you left at the end of the red
  that are there forever from your hand

i miss what we had before any of it any of this
  i don't know if you were listening but
 i'm sorry for what i did for everything i did
    i know this won't make things
   but i just wanted you to know that i 

i'm sorry
in my youth and confusion, the love was tossed
 aside out of the car and into the air
  and when i landed and i had thrown you away
and i cried because of what i did to you

so i'm sorry.  i'm not sure what to say to the face
i knew so well but haven't known for years
 i guess i only ask for acceptance of what 
i have to say
 and now everything seems so hopeless i just wanted to say that
that i'm sorry