Its dark out, and the rain hasn't stopped for hours. The light from the street lamp shimmers on the water surrounding her. Her coat, pressed against her back by the cold wind, is dark and wet. The hood covers her head and most of her face. I see her and start walking through the street, sidestepping puddles and cars, towards her. She is looking away from me, but sees the reflection of my silhouette in a window. She starts walking away, but I call her name cautiously, still not sure that it is her. She stops, turns, and looks at me, as her hood falls back, showing her face, glistening from the rain. I stop short, my breath taken away by her beauty. She is looking at me questioningly, not sure who I am. I take in her face, the beautiful curves, her eyes, still squinting to see through the rain. As we stand there looking at each other, yards apart, the cold rain starts to let up. As she is watching me, I see her eyes light up in recognition, her beauty magnified by her smile. In seconds we are together, embracing, as the rain stops entirely. I feel her energy radiating while her body is pressed against mine. We stand there together for what seems like an eternity, but when we parted, not long enough. We part, and stand there, gazing at each other. Her face is illuminated, not only by the street lamp, but now by the full moon that had broken through the clouds above. Her curly hair hangs in front of her face, and as I reached up to push it back behind her ears, a warm breeze gently flows past us. We embrace again, shorter this time, turn, and walk down the street together hand in hand, as our wet clothes begin to dry in the warm air.