i sit in the midst of it all

i never get a grasp on reality

i wonder what its like to be sane

i sit in the midst of it all

in the whirlwind of madness

in the unending whirlpool of emotion

and try to reach out

grab a limb and pull myself out

i take hold

on those things that never change

or stay constant by always changing

trees, the sea, the stars

they are the only things real

the only things really there

i wonder what they think of all of it

because for longer than anyone can imagine

they have sat in the midst of it all

reality, reality

weather, death, nature, 

real reality.

because as i sit in the midst of it all

they sit in the midst of me

i become part of their all

part of the observed instead 

of the observer

i feel conected

i feel accomplished

perhaps they have noticed

the same things as i

the nothingness of everything

the realization that

none of this matters

because after i use

all of my emotions, where will the

world be?  all of these constants

will still be constant


constantly there, always there.

i sit here in the midst of it all

and i look at those constants,

those things always there,

and i smile, because 

they are always there,

sometimes forgotten, 

but never gone, 

always there,

in the midst of it all.