i never go away so leave me the fuck alone

hey, i'm ok
i'm just tired
those cuts on my arms?
i bike a lot, remember?

let me sleep in your lap
so you can't see my tears
i need to hide my face
cause i lie

leave me alone, i'm fine
why won't you beleive me,
i'll always be ok, forever ok
i'm just tired
yeah, sure i'm fine
some times i wish i could cry
that doesn't make sense
oh well

no, it does, i lied again
i lie i lie i lie
i can never cry when i should
so don't expect much from me
hold me, let me

bury my tears in your arms,
because you can't see my face
i lied
i lied to you i lied to them
i remember when you told me that
i lied when you asked, i lied to you