I can see you even
now, in your room alone.
The tears stream down your face
while you silently ask
yourself 'why?' Your room's
freezing, didn't bother
to turn on the heater
tonight. You can hear the
winter wind rattling
the branches outside your
window. You look around
your room, the cds, the
pictures. You wonder how
anyone surrounded
by all of this life and
happiness can feel so
alone. The tears start to
stream again, and you curl
up into a tiny
ball on your bed. Someone
starts to shower in the
other room, as one more
gust of wind blows by your
house. You shudder, thinking of
facing people in the
morning. The shadows move
about softly on your
wall, cast by the moon through
the trees outside. After
lying for a while, the
tears stop, leaving behind
feelings of loneliness
and emptiness. You crawl
out of bed, shivering
in the cold, and turn on
some music. As it starts,
you climb back into bed,
feeling so old. You curl
up again, listening,
absorbing. As your mind
falls back to the fading
memory, the music
starts to drown you. You give
in and the tears fall on
your pillow. After a
while, the music fades out,
and you fall asleep to
sounds of the winter wind.