i am an idiot
i am smart
i am
                      a wall, bricks
i am selfless, cold, and composed.
i am the warm breath on your face at night
 i am worn out, strung out too far today
i am cold.
  i am a flash of anger; fyre
i am the falling leaves in Oktober; gentle
  i am pain.
  i am cold wind blowing over freshly fallen snow
 i am the burning sun in July
i am the breeze that soothes your burnt skin
  i am a beautiful and unique snowflake
i am quiet raindrops before the sun has risen
i am a shadow.
i am the side of the moon that no one ever sees
i am a mess.
  i am a savior, the devil.
i am a lover
  i am a heartbreaker
i am invisible    
    i am tears shed for something not wholly understood
  i am nothing, whispered in your ear; sweet
i am softly killing you.