the fortress

The strongest fortress in the world

   the most     castle in the universe



  Lies within me, guarding               my soul

                        with its last stone


My soul cowers behind its walls

	My mind, rebuilding its crumbling parapets

  No one can enter

		Those who do, never get out

		Some people are in,

		            those who are, have full control

	Over my heart, until

	      My guardians jam them out 


		      i feel the walls crumble

at the edges

those people inside

fix them!

	I stay hiding


	My walls, covered by smiles, laughter

smiles, laughter, little lies about myself

		they are my weapons/fortifications-

    keep people out, they don't want to be in

 do you really want the responsibility

	of me?

	Its for your own good

   your own good

	stay out, or else

			or else

				you'll know me.