Chatham, MA

?If you?re fond of sand dunes and salty air, 
quaint little villages here and there?
--groove armada

i stay back in the cottage,
	with the wooden screen door and my solitaire and a beer.
	or at the ocean, burying my feet
	past the scalding sand, walking
  over the scruffy sand dune,
to stake out the ocean as my own (i own it as much
	as everyone else)
sitting for hours wondering at the repetitive calmness
of the waves breaking over the bar,
	finally just reaching the lump in the sand where
	my toes were, a few waves ago.

tranquil almost to the point of tears,
	i can still hear them, landlocked as i am.

a place where you can feel completely alone,
among others,

and relish it.