Hey guys.
Bigtime update time. 31 new pictures and 5 new poems. I also expanded the picture section. I think i'm going to have to do something about it soon though, the download time for all of those thumbnails is starting to get a little lengthy.
--:posted 03/28/05
Five new pictures, at last. Haven't had much time to do anything recently. Someday i'll get around to writing more.
--:posted 12/14/04
Two new pictures and a new poem. I'm not really sure where it is that i'm going anymore. Well, either way, i'm working on a redesign, so maybe by late may i'll have a new look. I'll keep you posted on how that's going.
--:posted 04/21/04
New pictures! yeah.
--:posted 04/03/04
Well, welcome to softlykilling.net. Due to the company that i made the mistake of registering searchingforwords.com with going out of business, i've moved here. I'll probly end up redesigning the site sometime (i.e. switching searchingforwords above with softlykilling...) but for now, i posted a handful of new poems, and split them up into new and old, and organized them in more or less reverse chronological order. the "new" section contains some of the more decent poems written in the last couple years, which means they're still (and always) in progress and i'm more excited by them. The "old" poems are generally from high school, and represent a different style of writing...they're mostly there for nostalgia's sake, but there's a few gems to be found... Due up pretty soon is a slew of pictures, but that takes a long time, you know how it is.
--:posted 03/31/04
Selections (ie the ones i like) from my new portfolio are up now, the first five poems to the right.
--:posted 01/25/04
Updates! I threw a bunch of pictures up, and a new poem. check it out.
--:posted 10/14/03
So, this is the new site. Let me know if you notice any problems or have any suggestions. Note- the poetry section will not work if you are not using internet explorer version 5.5 and up (which means it won't work on macs using ie) and netscape/mozilla versions 6.0 and up. I'm working on a fix for this, but for now, if you want, just go to the old poetry site to check out my words. Thanks(:
--:posted 03/05/03
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